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More commitment for more sustainability 

With our first sustainability report, we are increasing our commitment to sustainable action at our MEISTERWERKE plants at a binding level – by documenting the successes we have already achieved and providing information on our future strategic direction with respect to sustainability.


From an organisational perspective, we are emphasising this commitment by appointing Holger Zeiske, who up to now was the company’s Environmental Officer, as the Sustainability Officer for MEISTERWERKE. In his new role, Holger Zeiske will consolidate all sustainability issues in a central position and continue working to advance them together with a cross-departmental team of people from management, operations, human resources and marketing.


In substance, our activities will focus in particular on the areas of “products” and “energy management”: use of sustainable raw materials and the recyclability of products at the end of their life cycle are just as important to us as the sustainable optimisation of energy consumption and continuous reduction of carbon emissions in our value chains.

Providing transparent information 

We plan to report regularly in the future on the progress we have made and – with consideration for our stakeholders – with even greater relevance. To this end, we are aligning the next phase of our sustainability communication with the Sustainability Reporting Standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). These currently include three universal and 33 topic-specific standards that provide a basic understanding of key sustainability issues.


By applying this framework, we are ensuring that we provide our internal and external stakeholders with transparent, comparable information that serves as a sound basis for forming opinions and taking decisions with regard to our corporate activities.


The MEISTERWERKE Sustainability Report will in future appear in a publication cycle of every three years. The first report prepared in accordance with GRI criteria will cover the financial year 2024 and will be published at the beginning of 2025.

Sustainability report 2022