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Die MeisterWerke von oben

The company MeisterWerke Schulte GmbH

MeisterWerke stand for two values: Trust and strength in innovation

We have a clear understanding of the values and characteristics which have made our work successful throughout the decades. And that is not just our opinion. We asked those who are especially important to us - our specialist retail partners. Two characteristics became apparent from these conversations: „You are a reliable partner“ was one statement which we kept hearing and „You have always pushed the industry onwards with important innovations“ was the other. 

These opinions confirm the way we see ourselves. The core values that MeisterWerke stand for can best be described with two words: trust and innovation. Taking care of our specialist trade partners is what we believe partnership is all about. Our commitment to constantly improving our products and solutions is a reflection of our self-understanding as innovation leaders.

It takes strong partnerships at retail level and the full commitment of our staff to be able to develop good ideas into high-quality products and introduce them onto the market. But for us, the key lies in the fact that we have a passion for developing and implementing new ideas. And this energy, along with our extensive experience with successful innovations, gives us a long-term competitive edge - an edge that is then shared by our partners in specialist trade.