Longlife parquet®: more product variety for lively flooring.
New products from 'pure' effect to 'greige'


Who said a parquet had to be classic and 'plain'? With the new Longlife parquet® collections in their MEISTER brand, MeisterWerke is providing evidence to the contrary and convincing with fresh solutions for retailers. In time for the 2013 in-house trade show, the Longlife parquet® has never been as varied and expressive: the MEISTER range now shines with 195 premium products – almost one hundred of which are brand new.

The MeisterWerke staff have done their very best. Seven thematic worlds, inspired by west European design trends, were the guideline for the product development right from the start: Natural Style, Pure Line, Colourful Grey, Luxury Affairs, New Classics, Wild Mountain and Perfect Basics form the creative basis for the many fresh parquet ideas with which MEISTER is setting new highlights in the world of flooring. To match the concept of the seven thematic worlds, the current collection catalogue also has a new look. 'Rooms full of life', presenting the different lifestyles, are staged emotionally in attractive atmospheric and detailed pictures. MEISTER has many lively flooring stories to tell.

Longlife parquet® from MEISTER sets the trends

Rustic celebrates a renaissance. In contrast to how things were in decades gone by, in the area of furniture and interior design, the big theme is reflected in the Longlife parquet® range on a modern and varied basis into extremes: in the colour of 'Larch accent white' to 'Smoked oak', in the grading from the soft 'Harmonious' to the fissured 'Canyon' and in the finish from 'Brushed' to '3D structure'. The PD 400 Cottage collection of planks in particular, shows a daring originality with strong brushing and distinctive cracks and knots. The 'Colourful Grey' colours take up considerable space in the current range: the collection plays with fine shades of colour. The pleasantly warm shades of grey, from the trendy 'greige' to the exciting 'grey-brown', support the effect of the room in an understated way without being overly dominating. With the 'pure' effect, MEISTER is taking new approaches in raw wood visuals. Specially pigmented surfaces show an individual, characteristic ageing. Brushed coniferous woods with an exciting play of colour bring fresh highlights to the floor. Larger plank widths of up to 25 cm and the revival of the classic 'herringbone' and 'square' designs ensure an attractive new look – in large formats and modern interpretations, with plank visuals and open joints. The 3-strip also comes in rustic planks and is emerging as a new trendsetter. 

Premium package thanks to masterly finishing

With MEISTER, there are now 11 package gradings instead of four. In addition to Harmonious, Lively, Rustic and Distinctive, the customer can now choose between Ambience, Vital, Authentic, Accent, Mountain, Canyon and Country. In the careful finishing of this variety of woods, the MeisterWerke staff demonstrate their technical know-how. The choice of the high quality oils and varnishes and the craftsmanship finishing by brushing, chalking, planking, heat treating or smoking lend all of the Longlife parquet® flooring beauty, durability and character. 

Rough timber and the comeback of the strip plank in 3D

With the new 'timber structure', individual work steps ensure the desired rough appearance of wood with a rustic finish. The sophisticatedly produced strip planks in their 3D structure are a genuine innovation. MEISTER is therefore successfully transferring the trend for the natural rustic look to small formats – a convincing revival for the classic 3-strip plank! The unique three-dimensional look is achieved with heavy brushing combined with different covering layer strengths. 

Pure wood beauty and glamorous oak

Coniferous woods from light to dark are the high fliers in the new Longlife parquet® range. Thanks to its multilayer design with a dimensionally stable HDF central layer and a 2.5 mm wear layer, the MEISTER team has been able to realise new product features which wouldn't be possible with solid softwood planks. One example is the 'White larch lively' surface, which is especially pleasant to the touch and has clearly stronger brushing. A special treatment of the surface makes the content of the wood visible and brings out the colours brilliantly.

With its newly developed 'pure' effect, MEISTER is starting a brand new chapter in the area of raw wood visuals. The wood surface of the Longlife parquet® is treated with pigments so that it looks left to nature. The wood does not flare up, however, on contact with water or paint. In this way, five varieties of wood are now used in flooring in their full and 'pure' beauty: oak, beech, maple, larch and cherry. The special thing: the pigmented surfaces age differently from untreated raw planks and create attractive colourations with their own unique character.

A completely different procedure gives the oak a glossy parquet appearance: the planks are brushed to create an interesting interplay of light, after which the surface receives a high-gloss coating which is applied in a pearly shimmer. In comparison with the glass clear surfaces, these planks are considerably less sensitive – although they are still glamour at its purest.

The fresh face of the classic designs: herringbone and square patterns 

Is this still the typical finished parquet? MEISTER has come up with a lot of new ideas for the good old herringbone and square designs: in the large format and with a range of attractive woods, the PS 400 Herringbone collection and PQ 500 Square collection are now self-confident and modern. The square design surprises with cascading widths, planked visuals and open joints. And instead of the classic 'harmonic oak, brushed', the flooring in the contemporary 'country oak, planked' and in trendy colours such as 'pure' and 'silver grey' are now the focus of attention. And it goes without saying that the planks in the Herringbone and Square collections are easy to lay with the proven MEISTER click systems. 

Varied shades of grey: the diplomatic floor 

Grey can be the most beautiful colour of all: proven by the Longlife parquet® from the 'Colourful Grey' thematic world, in its modern simplicity. The warm earth tones, from 'greige' (grey-beige) to grey-brown, are rich with nuances. "The floor becomes a real gentleman who holds the door open for the interior", explains Product Manager Karsten Herting, providing a fitting description of the effect. Whether clay brown oak country house planks in the PD 400 Cottage or cream grey oak planks in the PC 400 style – with their discreet colours, these Longlife parquet® floorings optimally support the effect of the room and suit differing living styles. 

No experiments? – Perfect Basics!

The 'Perfect Basics' are a key fixture in the Longlife parquet® range. For its important core business from the PD 550 plank to the PC 200 entry collection, MEISTER is able to provide a wide range of 'classic' parquet woods with attractive finishes: from natural maple to the timelessly popular oak varieties, to distinctive American walnut, old-school lovers of parquet can find the flooring of their choice in this range.

And now for the wall…

It isn't enough that the parquet planks from MEISTER look excellent on the floor – the Longlife parquet® is now literally 'wall high': with the practical rail systems offered by the MEISTER system panels, the high-quality wood planks are easy to apply and offer varied wall designs – in both living spaces and in properties. In this way the PC 200, PD 200, PC 300, PC 350, PD 400 and PD 450 collections aren't just eye catchers at floor level: another great idea from MEISTER! 

'Longlife': the name says it all

With the new Longlife parquet®, MeisterWerke is showing the valuable natural product of wood in its full variety and beauty of structure, shape and colour. Made from natural high-quality materials using advanced technology, the healthy living, premium floorings convince due to their high-quality designs and excellent wear attributes. The MEISTER brand range is exclusively available through specialist retailers. 

Product Manager Dominik Theseling: "The special thing about the Longlife parquet® is the multilayer, intelligent product design. The combination of the 2.5 mm wear layer and the special HDF middle layer reduces the use of the valuable raw material of wood to one tenth in comparison with a solid wood floor." The robust HDF base panel stabilises the cover layer and makes the Longlife parquet® highly resistant to compressive stress. The high actual weight of the planks has a positive effect on room noise and walking noise properties of the flooring, and the low heat transfer resistance contributes to energy efficiency. Easy installation and the durable joint sealing offered by the planks are ensured by the proven Masterclic Plus locking system from MEISTER. Awarded with recognised certificates and manufactured on a sustainable basis in Germany, Longlife parquet® is flooring that lasts many years – guaranteed by the manufacturer! www.MEISTER.com