Masters at work

People who work with the innovation leaders keep up to date almost automatically. The pace of development is high and that makes the work exciting. In recruiting new team members, MeisterWerke is always looking for truly creative thinkers who can help the company meet the high standards it sets for itself. Only those who are able to break the mould will be able to invent something new. To ensure that all MeisterWerke employees are able to grasp and realise their full potential to the maximum, it goes without saying that they are provided with ample training and qualification programmes which are rooted in practical applications.

The average age of MeisterWerke employees is 41 - which is a good number because it reflects how MeisterWerke seeks to benefit from the continuity and experience of more experienced workers while at the same time rejuvenating itself with the rich ideas and the ambition of the younger generation. We consciously seek talented new people in the local area and train people ourselves in eight professions. There are currently around 20 trainees. We especially like to fill management positions internally. This helps motivate team members and builds an experience base in the company over time.

We also place value on continuity and long-term partnership when it comes to our workers. The fluctuation rate is under two percent. It is not uncommon that several members of one family work for the company over many years. We are a family company in this respect too.



  • Location

    Exports, which account for around 40 percent of our production, originate in Meiste and reach locations all over the world. But though we are active internationally, we are also loyal to our roots in the German ´Sauerland´ region.

  • Innovation

    Some 200 registered patents and utility samples of our own developments make it clear that we successfully seek new ideas every day. Considerable investment in equipment at MeisterWerke pays off: it results in a highly technological, modern production faci

  • Solutions

    When searching for the best solutions, we do not take our cues from our competition. We look for new solutions reflecting on design, technology and function. We were the first manufacturer to consistently use high-quality HDF base boards - even for real wo