The added value is in the system

We deliver solutions and think in terms of systems. For this reason, we hold one of the most comprehensive ranges of accessories in the industry for our customers. If you buy a MEISTER or Schulte Räume floor, you can get an exact matching skirting for it.

You also get the right tools. And the right cleaning agents. The list goes on. With our panels we have even developed a completely new product category - our system panels are more than just wall cladding. They are real wall design systems with additional functions to make life easier. And we do not just offer systematic solutions for our products. A significant reason for the loyalty we have earned from our partners is the service and logistics processes which we have developed to support the product. Here again, the basic principle applies that a product only becomes a real solution once all the pieces are in place.

  • Specialist trade

    A premium product requires premium advice - and premium surroundings. So a clear sales strategy with no back doors has long been a key aspect of our company philosophy. MeisterWerke products are only available from specialist trade.

  • Environment

    As a family company, we think long-term. Environmental protection, sustainability and working ecologically are particularly important to us. We implement our principles in a holistic manner.

  • Talents

    People who work with the innovation leaders keep up to date almost automatically. The pace of development is high and that makes the work exciting. In recruiting new team members, MeisterWerke is always looking for truly creative thinkers who can help the