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Our values

We have a clear understanding of the characteristics which have made our work successful throughout the decades. We consistently follow seven values in order to continue to be successful in quality, innovation and winning the trust of our customers.
Wald mit Bachlauf. Umwelt und Nachhaltigkeit spielen bei uns eine große Rolle


We take our responsibilities seriously – and that‘s why sustainability is a guiding principle for our actions

As a family company, we think long-term. Environmental protection, sustainability and working ecologically are particularly important to us. We implement our principles in a holistic manner. So you will not see any MeisterWerke flooring made of tropical wood. We use resource-saving multi-layer parquet with a stable HDF middle layer instead of solid wood planks.

And we develop environmentally friendly technologies such as direct printing for laminate flooring. All of our floors and the majority of our panels have been awarded the ´Blue Angel´. Credentials such as the TÜV certificate, the German Cork Association (Deutscher Kork-Verband e.V.) seal, and the FSC label verify that our products are safe and environmentally friendly.

To verify the sustainability of our production processes, an eco-efficiency study was conducted by Professor Dr. Manfred Sietz from the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences addressing such aspects as resource productivity and product-related environ­mental costs. We take great encouragement from the solid results that were obtained and will continue investing in innovative technologies that help conserve natural resources.


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A simple concept: Quality 100% made in Germany

Exports, which account for around 40 percent of our production, originate in Meiste and reach locations all over the world. But though we are active internationally, we are also loyal to our roots in the German ´Sauerland´ region. Over a third of our suppliers are based in the surrounding area and around three quarters are in Germany. 

In this way we support the economic health of our region - and the place where we do business. This loyalty to our region also provides secure jobs to over 600 workers. 96 percent of MeisterWerke employees live within 50 km of their workplace and are just as committed to the region as we are. This is our idea of social responsibility.

Skateboard auf Lindura-Holzboden von MEISTER


Our strength comes exclusively from innovation

Some 200 registered patents and utility samples of our own developments make it clear that we successfully seek new ideas every day. Considerable investment in equipment at MeisterWerke pays off: it results in a highly technological, modern production facility. Combined with our energetic culture of innovation, this helps generate lots of good ideas and patents - and ultimately, it results in a real technological advantage. But this is not just a goal for its own sake. It‘s ultimately what makes us competitive. 

Beratungssituation bei der Bodenverlegung

Specialist trade

A clear sales strategy: 100% specialist trade

A premium product requires premium advice - and premium surroundings. So a clear sales strategy with no back doors has long been a key aspect of our company philosophy. MeisterWerke products are only available from specialist trade.

This consistency pays off. MeisterWerke can rely on its growing number of loyal specialist dealers, who in turn seek a reliable manufacturer. We invest a lot in this partnership - our product development is consistently oriented to the interests of specialist trade. With our ´MeisterWerkstatt´ we offer a training centre in which we promote the skills of thousands of professionals from specialist retail and trade. And here the programme goes way beyond communicating the strengths of the MeisterWerke product line. We also consistently strive to keep our logistics process, from warehouse to delivery and our marketing service, closely attuned to the needs of our dealers.

Qualitätskontrolle bei einer Bodendiele


Masters at work

People who work with the innovation leaders keep up to date almost automatically. The pace of development is high and that makes the work exciting. In recruiting new team members, MeisterWerke is always looking for truly creative thinkers who can help the company meet the high standards it sets for itself. Only those who are able to break the mould will be able to invent something new. To ensure that all MeisterWerke employees are able to grasp and realise their full potential to the maximum, it goes without saying that they are provided with ample training and qualification programmes which are rooted in practical applications. 

The average age of MeisterWerke employees is 41 - which is a good number because it reflects how MeisterWerke seeks to benefit from the continuity and experience of more experienced workers while at the same time rejuvenating itself with the rich ideas and the ambition of the younger generation. We consciously seek talented new people in the local area and train people ourselves in eight professions. There are currently around 20 trainees. We especially like to fill management positions internally. This helps motivate team members and builds an experience base in the company over time.

We also place value on continuity and long-term partnership when it comes to our workers. The fluctuation rate is under two percent. It is not uncommon that several members of one family work for the company over many years. We are a family company in this respect too.

Der Vinylboden ohne Vinyl - eine Idee der MeisterWerke


We still have a mind of our own

When searching for the best solutions, we do not take our cues from our competition. We look for new solutions reflecting on design, technology and function. We were the first manufacturer to consistently use high-quality HDF base boards - even for real wood flooring.

Today, almost every floor made by MeisterWerke profits from this pressure-resistant material, which also contributes to stabilising the real wood wear layer. This way we continue in our role as innovators, since we are happy to swim against the tide if we know that a new material or production method is going to provide real benefits to our customers. That does not mean that we want to force our own solutions on others at any cost. When we realised that the Uniclic technology from Unilin was clearly the best on the market, we were one of the first to licence it. Since then, we have supplemented it with our own development Masterclic Plus for the head edges and thus further improved the ease of installation. Only a combination of the best solutions results in a masterpiece.

Beladung unserer eigenen LKW-Flotte - Qualität die ankommt


The added value is in the system

We deliver solutions and think in terms of systems. For this reason, we hold one of the most comprehensive ranges of accessories in the industry for our customers. If you buy a MEISTER floor, you can get an exact matching skirting for it.

You also get the right tools. And the right cleaning agents. The list goes on. With our panels we have even developed a completely new product category - our system panels are more than just wall cladding. They are real wall design systems with additional functions to make life easier. And we do not just offer systematic solutions for our products. A significant reason for the loyalty we have earned from our partners is the service and logistics processes which we have developed to support the product. Here again, the basic principle applies that a product only becomes a real solution once all the pieces are in place.