The new Longlife parquet® from MEISTER
Step into lively thematic worlds


In time for the 2013 in-house trade show, the Longlife parquet® range from MEISTER has been completely revised and enhanced. The current range is characterised by a fresh, new guiding principle. The MeisterWerke staff have grouped their wide ranging offer into seven thematic worlds: Natural Style, Pure Line, Colourful Grey, Luxury Affairs, New Classics, Wild Mountain and Perfect Basics. Inspired by Europe-wide living and lifestyle trends, these thematic worlds illustrate various philosophies in terms of lifestyle, product design and materials. They stimulate the imagination and provide orientation in the choice of the personal flooring.

From the start on, the seven thematic worlds were the guideline and inspiration for the MeisterWerke team of product developers. As a result, the Longlife parquet® range on show at the in-house trade show has never been so varied and expressive: the MEISTER collection has been boosted by almost a hundred new premium products for the approaching season. Following the concept for the seven thematic worlds, the current Longlife parquet® catalogue also has a new look. 'Rooms full of life' are staged emotionally in atmospheric and detailed pictures. They tell lively stories of flooring for different home living styles.

Inspiration and orientation

The 'Natural Style' thematic world features many highlights, with irregular edges and a natural play of colour. This flooring gains its character with tangible living and its visible age. 'Pure Line' is unadorned, with harmonious to lively surfaces which remain visually close to their unfinished state – as much as necessary and as little as possible. 'Colourful Grey' is a genuine quick-change-artist: from shabby chic to the modern, to country house style, these floors underline lifestyle without dominating it. With 'Luxury Affairs' things are completely different: at this glamour gala, it is possible to revel in jet black or snow white, in opulent gold or in shimmering silver. The 'New Classics' interpret classic flooring designs, such as herringbone and square patterns, in a generous, modern format, making them new trend-setters in the area of flooring. 'Wild Mountain' is a genuine peak performer: here, woods set the scene in fine rustic finish and with Alpine charm – cosy, and yet in a modern finish. With their wide selection of timelessly beautiful and elegant woods, the 'Perfect Basics' provide the perfect basis for a lifelong ambience of well being.

Choosing the favourite flooring – with the heart and the mind 

In the new variety of designs, colours and structures in the Longlife parquet® collections, the thematic worlds provide the customer with a useful orientation. Via the emotional entry into the pictorial worlds, they can quickly find the flooring that corresponds with their requirements. This approach also makes the provision of targeted advice to the customer according to their individual requirements easier for the retail advisor. 

The tabular overview of the Longlife parquet® range in the catalogue is also useful to both sides: certain attributes are allocated to each collection with pictographs, whether it is extra stability, special sound-insulated cushioning, or special elegance. Here, it is possible to compare all the 11 premium collections at a glance, and determine which of the Longlife parquet® floorings best suits one's own lifestyle.

Marketing Director Dirk Steinmeier: "The customer's heart and mind and their gut feeling all play a role when they buy flooring. Our new Longlife parquet® catalogue addresses all three equally. To make the pictorial worlds as lifelike as possible, we worked with top photographers at several original locations." The results are impressive: each photo tells its own story. In this way, the seven thematic worlds can be directly experienced emotionally when browsing. The texts have also become more fresh and bold. They summarise the appropriate character of the thematic worlds and fire the reader's imagination. The product attributes and advantages of the Longlife parquet® flooring are very clearly presented for the 'mind'. Steinmeier: "We are proud of our work. The new Longlife parquet® catalogue has become a genuine master work."