Natural wood on the wall
Longlife parquet® stands up!


Why should the Longlife parquet® collections from MEISTER 'only' let their visual qualities shine on the floor? With the practical rail system for the MEISTER system panels, the MeisterWerke team has now made its Longlife parquet® panels available for vertical use. With the high-quality parquet panels, it is now possible to create a unique and beautiful room experience on the wall and ceiling as well.

Natural wood on the wall changes a room's atmosphere in a unique way: it influences the sound of the room, the effect of the light, and with its colour and structure it creates a pleasant, homely ambience. With the idea of using the Longlife parquet® for facing walls, ceilings and roof pitches, MEISTER has extended its comprehensive panel offering in the area of real wood in a single stroke, with a range of attractive surfaces and formats. 

Easy-installation rail system

Guido Schulte, Managing Director of MeisterWerke, describes the ease of use: "With the practical rail system for the MEISTER system panels and the turning clips on the panels, we have realised a very installation-friendly system: once the rails have been fitted, the Longlife parquet® panels can be attached to the wall or ceiling with the turning clips without the need for a hammer or nails. This means changes in the dimensions of the parquet caused by moisture are taken into account." This means the high-quality parquet panels can be used in wall design in many different ways: you can attach them over entire walls or use them on partial areas only, as wall panels or to create decorative frames at room entrances. Schulte: "Being able to use our Longlife parquet® on walls means fitters now have new, creative possibilities in the field of both residential and public buildings. We are certain that our customers will value this wide ranging selection of beautiful woods."

Beauty in structure, shape and colour

The Longlife parquet® collections PC 200, PD 200, PC 300, PC 350, PD 400 and PD 450 can all be used for wall and ceiling design. As MEISTER has completely revised its range for this year's in-house trade show, users can choose from many fresh parquet ideas for an exceptionally wide range of home living styles. This time the MeisterWerke staff have done their very best. Seven thematic worlds, inspired by west European design trends, were the guideline for the product development right from the start: Natural Style, Pure Line, Colourful Grey, Luxury Affairs, New Classics, Wild Mountain and Perfect Basics are the creative basis for 'rooms full of life'. With the new Longlife parquet® collections, MeisterWerke is showing the valuable natural product of wood in its full variety and beauty: in the colour of 'Larch accent white' to 'Smoked oak', in the grading from the soft 'Harmonious' to the fissured 'Canyon' and in the finish from 'Brushed' to '3D structure'. 

Made from natural high-quality materials using advanced technology, the healthy living, premium products convince due to their high-quality designs and excellent wear attributes. The Longlife parquet® range from MEISTER is exclusively available through specialist retailers. Awarded with recognised certificates and manufactured sustainably in Germany, Longlife parquet® also looks great on floors, walls and ceilings after many years – guaranteed by the manufacturer!