MEISTER shows its passion for panels
Yet more inspiration for walls and ceilings


There are many possibilities for giving rooms their own special style. For MeisterWerke Schulte GmbH, things don't finish at the floor, with the MEISTER brand now offering sophisticated systematic solutions for wall, ceiling and attic designs. With new collections, new formats, lively wood visuals and a high-quality metallic look, MEISTER is now presenting an ever greater choice for individual room designs in its range of panels.

The new MEISTER panel offering encompasses a total of 13 collections with 137 system, real wood, décor and Nadura panels in a range of different surfaces and structures. And MEISTER is now offering another special highlight: its Longlife parquet® is now available for stylish walls as well.

A trendy metallic look 

Along with wood and concrete visuals, the system panels for the SP 300 collection now feature top-quality surfaces in a trendy metallic look: with aluminium, steel, rust and gold in impressive structures, the walls are transformed into exclusive eye-catchers. The SP 150 system panel collection with six lighter décors from plain white gloss to concrete in the 840 x 150 mm format is brand new. 

The MEISTER system panels all have one thing in common: they not only look good, they are also clever in terms of their functions. They can cover every corner of the room – whether it's a living room, a bathroom or a corner shop. Integrable aluminium rails between the panels enable hooks, shelves and additional elements to be fitted. An electrical version enables individual light solutions which place the room or its individual details in an attractive setting. The wide range of MEISTER accessories features many functional components, from the rail to the LED light. With high-quality finishing and timeless designs, MEISTER can offer sophisticated system solutions for walls and ceilings which their users can enjoy for a long time.

Growth in the number of décor panels

The expressive décor panels in the Da Capo, Terra, Terra Senza and Bocado collections from MEISTER feature a wide variety of surfaces and wood reproductions. The range of colours ranges from plain white to dark fine-line mocha. Some panels are clearly structured and therefore convey a 'tangible' quality. In addition to the authentic visuals of native woods such as maple, fir and oak, the programme of décors also features reproductions of 'exotic' woods such as the persimmon and cocobolo wood. 

The Bocado family has also grown impressively. In this context, the Bocado 200 collection features four new décors: white linen, covering oak white, structure white and Finline cream supplement the range in this compact panel format. Thanks to its 

one man installation, the Bocado 250 collection with panels in zero-joint visuals is already very popular in the market. The new Bocado 300 collection can also be installed easily. The 300 mm wide panels feature a visual shadow gap and include eight lightened surfaces from whiteline to vintage oak to concrete.

Nadura: design and visuals in a class of their own 

As well as floors, the indestructible high-tech product of Nadura also proves its exceptional product attributes on walls: extreme abrasion resistance and easy cleaning make the products in the NP 300 panel collection ideal for use on walls in which an especially high level of durability is required. 3D structures in the character of stone and wood surfaces in white, cream and different shades of grey determine the attractive look of the Nadura wall panels. Practical click systems guarantee rapid installation to walls and ceilings. 

Natural looking walls: high-quality woods create atmosphere

For those who like their living space to be especially classic and high-quality, the Madera 200 and Madera 250 real wood panel collections from MEISTER feature a selection of attractive surfaces from cherry to ash, maple, oak, birch, beech, pine and walnut. As partial facing on walls and roof pitches, the high-quality panels set exciting highlights in rooms. 

You can now enjoy the beautiful woods in the range of Longlife parquet® on walls and ceilings: with the practical rail systems offered by the MEISTER system panels, the high-quality wood planks are easy to apply and offer varied wall designs – in both living spaces and in properties. In this way, the PD 450, PD 400, PD 200, PC 300, PC 350 and PC 200 collections are genuine eye-catchers when used vertically: