MEISTER presents the 2014 laminate flooring trends
Harmonious earth tones and rustic cracked oak


The 2014 laminate flooring season can start: MeisterWerke Schulte GmbH (Rüthen/Meiste) is presenting a completely renewed range for its premium brand of MEISTER at its in-house trade show. The focus of the modern collections remains the country house style and its variety of designs. Long, wide formats are now trendy – in the very spirit of MeisterWerke, known in the market as being a specialist in long planks. Of the 210 products in the current MEISTER laminate range, 110 are brand new. The synchronous pore print has brought authentic, deep structures to the surfaces. Finishes such as 'Timber' or 'Cracked oak' provide the used look with a new and stylish touch. Light shades of colour and a full range of warm earth tones from light to dark in fine nuances are currently trendy.

"With its new range of laminate flooring, MEISTER is offering exactly the products which retailers can sell well over the years to come and which match with the furnishing trends in our target markets", explains Volker Kettler, Manager of Product Development at MeisterWerke. And the new MEISTER laminate flooring collections aren't following the latest fads, on the contrary: with their innovative patterns and structures they themselves are setting trends in the furnishing sector which are now starting to emerge in the markets. One newcomer to the range is the large-scale LD 300 I 25 Melango collection, with 25 cm wide country house planks in 12 attractive décors. Completely revised in terms of colour and structure, the surfaces of the LS 300 collection have a sleek plank format. The large sized LD 400 chateau plank collection in the XXL format is also brand new. It has a clearly more 'consumer-oriented' design of the décors with a focus on oak. With a thickness of just 10.5 mm, these planks are very 'friendly to renovation'.

Three colour schemes make the start easy

With the motto of 'Rooms full of life', the new collection catalogue presents the full range of MEISTER laminate flooring in attractive pictures which inspire the imagination and tell any number of new flooring stories. When choosing laminate flooring, the shade of the décor is often crucial. To make this as easy for the buyer as possible, with the three colour schemes of light, medium and dark, MEISTER offers a direct entry into its varied range of laminate flooring. Therefore, the current catalogue doesn't simply list the range of laminate flooring according to the collections. The choice of colour also gives the customer an initial orientation and inspiration which leads them to the laminate of their choice.

The MEISTER laminate flooring from the light colour scheme with décors such as white oak, pure ash and light timber support many styles of furnishing tone-in-tone or as a light counterpoint. A perfect balance is the strong point of the laminate flooring in the medium colour scheme, for example toffee oak, cognac cracked oak or light vintage pine. They change their appearance according to the environment, ground the flighty and give wings to the down-to-earth. The décors in the dark colour scheme, such as vintage brown larch, copper grey oak and nougat oak, are deep and profound. In every living style, from traditional to modern, they can work either as a harmonious addition or as a conscious statement. Apart from the brown décor shades, the dark colour scheme also comprises distinctive shades of grey such as titanium oak. 

Warm earth colours in fine shades

To suit the three colour schemes, MEISTER took a close look at the colour scheme for its laminate flooring collections. The new range has been given a thorough tidying and streamlined in terms of its colours: the red wood visuals have gone, the dark range of colours has been consciously thinned out. Warm earth colours are now dominant. The attractive range of earth colours is offered in all of the MEISTER collections in fine shades of cream or 'greige' (grey-beige) through to elegant shades of grey-brown mud. With light and medium shades, MEISTER is setting the trend for modern flooring in the country house style. With harmonious oak, lively fir or the soft ash décors, the earth colours are played with in detail. Over 70 per cent of the wood décors are no longer 'natural' but have a discreet white or grey finish. In this way, the trendy MEISTER flooring in their 'timber' visuals also gain their 'typical' cement finish look.

It isn't only the eyes: a feast for the sense of touch 

Colour is important, but only its combination with a tangible surface structure lends the premium MEISTER laminate flooring its special appearance. And this is an area where the MeisterWerke staff have the highest level of technical expertise. In the current range, they have increased the selection of surface structures from eight to ten. Rustic raw wood visuals are especially popular. This trend, which originates from shopfitting, has been taken to the residential area by MEISTER. In this area, laminate flooring has an attractive 'used' look in a variety of different interpretations.

Pure rustic: raw wood visuals and cracked oak

In synchronous porous print, MEISTER brings authentic structures to the laminate flooring surfaces – from light cracks to deep and marked 'cracked oak'. This is especially the case in the high-quality LD 400 and LD 300 Melango country house collections. The six new synchronous pores are mainly deeply structured: The harmonious décors have a clear wood structure, the lively décors have tangible knots, and the rustic décors have deeply embedded cracked structures in their surfaces. 'Woodfinish matt' has a deeply embossed relief which emphasises the grain run of the reproduced wood fibres and a matt surface conveys an impression of a brushed wood surface. The 'raw wood pore' structure is also new with MEISTER: finest plane traces are found on every plank. In this way, the flooring gains an appearance of untreated or oiled woods which have just been freshly polished. 

Intelligent structure for best attributes

Customers who want to choose their MEISTER laminate flooring in a direct comparison of the attributes receive the answer at a single glance: a pictograph overview in the new catalogue shows the characteristic attributes of the eight premium collections. Whether antistatic, extremely resistant or with an especially high-quality surface finish – with this listing, everyone can quickly find the laminate flooring they are looking for and which best suits their ideas and requirements.

The premium laminate flooring from MEISTER is available in wood, stone and textile décors. They are all 'Made in Germany' and can convince with the best quality and function from the bottom to the top layer – and this is also described and pictured in the catalogue for the new range. A responsible choice of products and technically sophisticated production procedures guarantee the best use attributes. All of the MEISTER laminate floorings carry the 'Blue Angel' quality seal. The antistatic finish is also standard, as well as the patented Masterclic fitting system which guarantees easy installation and permanently secure joint sealing from the tile to the chateau plank. Most of the planks are also available with an integrated sound-absorbing cushion on request. This makes the MEISTER laminate flooring quiet by nature. MEISTER is a premium brand, which means the laminate flooring range is exclusively available through specialist retailers. The professional advice which ensures completely satisfied MEISTER customers is only available from such retailers.