Intelligent mood makers
New LED lighting from MEISTER


With a wide range of light and technology accessories, MeisterWerke is completing the system solutions for its premium brand of MEISTER for floors, walls and ceilings. This is where the craftsman can find the suitable quality products for all installation situations that give rooms a superb setting. With the 'LV LED downlight' and the 'LV LED Apollo' attachment light, MEISTER has now included two new high-performance products in its programme. Both were developed especially for the brand of MEISTER with a German light manufacturer.

The provisions of the new EU Lighting Directive may take effect in 2015, but MeisterWerke has long been ready for the future: the first-generation low-energy lamps disappeared from the MEISTER range as long ago as November 2011. They have been replaced by high-quality, environmentally friendly LED downlights. In terms of their quality, when compared with low-energy lamps, the LEDs are unbeatable: high light yields with low wattages – and therefore lower energy consumption – make the long-life LEDs an effective and highly versatile form of light: as functional lighting they provide security, as atmospheric lighting they can put properties in the right light and create differing room moods.

How LED technology is now affordable

The new LV LED downlight from MEISTER attains the light output of a 20-watt halogen bulb with its 3.7-watt LED. The light is a pleasantly warm white. Like all MEISTER LED lights, the low-voltage LED downlight also scores points with its flat installation depth. This means the light can fit in a 20-mm one wire circuit without any problem. In addition to a round version, the LV LED downlight is also available in a square design, the 'Quadro'. The attractive price-performance ratio means this product is also of interest for wider groups of buyers in the private sector.

Neat: infinitely variable from spot to area light

The best things often come unexpected: when MEISTER Product Manager Karsten Herting adjusted the light beam on his pocket light one evening, he got the idea of an infinitely focusable LV LED attachment light for the MEISTER range. Together with a German lighting manufacturer a solution was realised which wasn't yet available on the market: by simply pushing its casing, the light beam of the LV LED 'Apollo' attachment light can be changed to create either diffused light or a spot light. The installed LED has an output of five watts and enables the room or illuminated objects to appear in a warm white light. The Apollo attachment light is available in a round version and in a square design, the 'Quadro'. 

With design and quality that is 'Made in Germany', the new LED lights supplement the product range for the premium brand of MEISTER, which the manufacturer sells through specialist retail only. The MEISTER lighting system is subject to constant inspection by the VDE (German Association of Electrical Technology, Electronics and Information Technology). The test mark proves that the MEISTER products meet the quality, health and safety standards that are required from electrical products. MeisterWerke also provides a five-year manufacturer guarantee with its MEISTER lighting systems.