2013 MEISTER In-House Trade Show
New brand presentation and a firework of innovations


The MEISTER in-house trade show in Rüthen-Meiste is traditionally the stage for the latest trends and developments from full service provider MeisterWerke Schulte GmbH. This autumn however, visitors can expect even more: the MEISTER brand is presenting itself with a brand new image. 'Rooms full of life', the new brand claim, applies to all of the current ranges and service offers. From 21 until 25 September, over 1,500 home and foreign visitors can get to experience the lively variety of the MEISTER range for the first time.

Brand worlds are pictorial worlds. On the basis of this approach, the MeisterWerke has given its premium brand of MEISTER a brand new face – positioned more emotionally than ever before and differentiated clearly from the competition. 'Rooms full of life' in impressive pictures fire the imagination of the observer. MEISTER presents rooms in genuine living environments in which people enjoy living and that tell their stories. With a great love for detail, the new pictorial worlds show the varied possibilities of the MEISTER collections in the differing living styles, with even more choice for every trend. 

The brand concept is realised consistently on all levels: the brand claim of "rooms full of life" was the guideline for the product development of the collections, for the product photography and the design of the new catalogues through to the new MEISTER website and the presentation systems for retailers. The MEISTER logo in the traditional orange remains unchanged, but is applied more discreetly and often vertically. Visually less loud, this modification supports the premium character of the brand. 

Clustering as a consistent grouping principle 

As a first point of orientation for the customer and to enable them to presort the MEISTER range, typical surfaces, décors and applications are now summarised according to theme in the different varieties. This successful 'clustering' is also a great help for retailers who advise their customers at the POS and can guide them along the emotional journey to the floor of their choice. In this context the MEISTER laminate flooring is now structured in the three colour schemes of light, medium and dark, the panels and Nadura flooring are sorted according to the different applications, and cork, linoleum and design flooring are arranged in collections. The varied range of the Longlife parquet® enables seven memorable thematic worlds to be experienced directly with the corresponding presentations: Natural Style, Pure Line, Colourful Grey, Luxury Affairs, New Classics, Wild Mountain and Perfect Basics are inspired by living and lifestyle trends from throughout Europe. These Longlife parquet® thematic worlds demonstrate the different philosophies in lifestyle, product design and materiality in an easily understandable way. In this way, the customer can find flooring that is right for their individual lifestyle.

Longlife parquet®: New products from 'pure' effect to 'greige'

With its current product innovations, MEISTER is setting strong trends in the field of flooring. With the Longlife parquet® and laminate ranges alone, which account for over 200 products respectively, the share of new products totals around 50 per cent. As such, the Longlife parquet® range from MEISTER has never been so varied and expressive. Rustic celebrates a renaissance. MEISTER is putting this grand theme to play in both modern and extreme interpretations: in the colour of 'Larch accent white' to 'Smoked oak', in the grading from the soft 'Harmonious' to the fissured 'Canyon' and in the finish from 'Brushed' to '3D structure'. The varied PD 400 Cottage collection of planks in particular, shows a daring originality with strong brushing as well as distinctive cracks and knots. The broad range of 'Colourful Grey' colours takes up considerable space in the current range; the collections play with fine shades of colour. Pleasantly warm shades of grey, from the trendy 'greige' to the exciting 'grey-brown', support the effect of the room in an understated way without being overly dominating.

With the 'pure' effect, MEISTER is taking new approaches in raw wood visuals: the wood surface of the Longlife parquet® is treated with pigments so that it looks natural. The wood does not flare up, however, on contact with water or paint. Brushed coniferous woods with an exciting play of colour also bring fresh highlights to the floor. Larger plank widths of up to 25 cm and the revival of the classic 'herringbone' and 'square' designs ensure an attractive new look with the Longlife parquet® – in large formats and modern interpretations, with plank visuals and open joints. The 3-strip also comes in rustic planks and is emerging as a new trendsetter. The special thing about the Longlife parquet® from MEISTER is its multilayer, intelligent product design: the combination of the 2.5 mm wear layer and special HDF middle layer reduces the use of the valuable raw material of wood to one tenth in comparison with a solid wood floor, and makes the Longlife parquet® a durable and naturally attractive floor with excellent use attributes.

MEISTER laminate: harmonious earth tones and rustic cracked oak

The 2014 laminate flooring season can start: with its range of laminate flooring, MEISTER is setting trends in the furnishing sector which are now starting to emerge in the markets. The focus remains the country house style and its variety of modern designs, especially rustic raw wood visuals. MEISTER lends the 'used look' a new and stylish touch thanks to special finishes. Long, wide formats are now popular – in the very spirit of MeisterWerke, who is known in the market as being a specialist in long planks. One newcomer to the range is the large-scale LD 300 I 25 Melango collection, with 25 cm wide country house planks in 12 attractive décors. Completely revised in terms of colour and structure, the surfaces of the LS 300 collection have a sleek plank format. The large sized LD 400 chateau plank collection in the XXL format of 2600 x 238 mm has also proven popular. The planks, which are just 10.5 mm thick, have a clearly more 'consumer-oriented' design of the décors with a focus on oak. 

Light shades and warm earth colours are dominant: they appear in all of the MEISTER collections, with fine shading from light 'cream' and 'greige' (grey-beige) to the elegant, grey-brown muddy tones. Over 70 per cent of the wood décors are no longer 'natural' but have been adapted to current home living trends with a discreet white or grey finish. In this way, the trendy MEISTER flooring in their 'timber' visuals also gain their 'typical' cement finish look. In synchronous porous print, MEISTER brings six authentic structures to the laminate flooring surfaces – from slight cracks to the deep and marked 'cracked oak' design in the high-quality LD 400 and LD 300 Melango country house plank collections. 

The new Nadura generation: as hard as a rock, as warm as wood

MeisterWerke has once again improved the product configuration for the current Nadura NB 400 flooring collection: instead of an HDF board, a special AquaSafe board now forms the stable middle layer of the planks. The sought-after 3D effect of the surface structure is retained, but it is rather less strongly structured. The interplay with different structures in the character of stone and wood surfaces, and attractive colourations in grey, brown and cream determine the new Nadura look. Surface finishes such as the smooth matt finish pores in the 'rust' visuals and the authentic, profiled 'rustic wood' versions are also new. The special mix of Nadura materials makes the robust, abrasion- and slip-resistant planks so durable that they also satisfy the highest utility class, 34, for commercial use. 

Panel variety: yet more inspiration for walls and ceilings

With new collections, new formats and lively wood visuals, as well as a high-quality metallic look, the MeisterWerke staff is now presenting an even greater choice of panels for individual room designs in homes and buildings. The MEISTER offer for walls, ceilings and roof pitches encompasses a total of 13 collections with 137 system, real wood, décor and Nadura panels. And the high-quality MEISTER Longlife parquet® is now available for stylish walls as well. 

Along with wood and concrete visuals, the MEISTER SP 300 system panel collection now features impressive structures in a trendy metallic look in aluminium, steel, rust and gold. The SP 150, with six lighter décors from plain white gloss to concrete, is a brand new addition to the system panel collections. The Bocado 200 decorative panel collection features four new décors. The new Bocado 300 is easy to install thanks to the one-man installation mechanism. Its 300 mm wide decorative panels with visual shadow gap include eight light surfaces from whiteline, to vintage oak, to concrete. The indestructible high-tech product of Nadura proves its exceptional product attributes in the NP 300 wall panel collection: extreme abrasion resistance and easy cleaning make the easy-assembly Nadura panels ideal for use on walls on which an especially high level of durability is required. 

The Longlife parquet® planks from MEISTER not only look excellent on the floor, they are now available to be used on walls: with the practical rail systems offered by the MEISTER system panels, the high-quality, natural wood planks are easy to apply and offer varied wall designs – for both home living and in buildings. In this context the PC 200, PD 200, PC 300, PC 350, PD 400 and PD 450 collections are now vertical eye catchers as well, and are supplementing the range of real wood MEISTER panels with various beautiful, rustic wood surfaces.

New LED lighting from MEISTER

With a wide range of light and technology accessories, MeisterWerke is completing the system solutions for its premium brand of MEISTER for floors, walls and ceilings. This is where the craftsman can find the suitable quality products for all installation situations that give rooms a superb setting. With its attractively priced 'LV LED downlight' and the continuously variable 'LV LED Apollo' attachment light, MEISTER has now included two new high-performance products in its programme. Both versions were developed especially for the brand of MEISTER with a German lighting manufacturer.

Convincing POS presence ensures sales success

The premium MEISTER products primarily ensure their leading edge through brand-loyal retailers and their expert customer advice. In addition to attractive catalogues, POS presentation systems with samples and product information also assist this task. The new MEISTER presentation systems enable maximum functionality with fresh, modern designs that address the customer directly and emotionally. The 'Concept' system solution offers the retailer a complete and new product range presentation for the MEISTER brand. With the 'Basic' system, the existing product presentations can be upgraded quickly and at low cost on location. The practical 'mid room solution' is new: fabric covered aluminium frame elements with all-over image themes act as customer magnets, stoppers and room dividers, or provide route guidance on the sales floor. With their images, these aluminium frame elements can also be used as a wall presentation. MEISTER also supports its retail partners with the MEISTERWerkstatt training offer. Basic seminars with contents heavily oriented towards sales methods, the 'technology for sales professionals' and 'sales professional workshop' best sellers, as well as many seminars for new products, demand the commitment of the specialist advisers and support the shared success.

The MEISTER quality approach: '100% Professional'

In terms of its sales policy, MeisterWerke is 100 per cent behind retailers and craftsmen. At the in-house trade show, the company will be presenting its new '100% Professional" quality approach – a strong network in which every partner completes their specific task as part of the 'manufacturer – specialist retailer – craftsman' quality chain: MEISTER offers innovative, attractive products, the retailer provides the professional sales advice, and the craftsman guarantees the professional installation. Right in time for the in-house trade show, the new MEISTER craftsman portal has gone online. Here, MEISTER partners from the world of craftsmanship are able to access detailed information. The '100% professional craftsmen club' is also under preparation: the starting shot is being fired on 8 and 9 March 2014 at the first MEISTER craftsman day in Rüthen-Meiste. 

The brand evolution has led to an all around renewal of the MEISTER brand. Only the complete solution can bring the full impetus to the business and ensure the success of the partners in the areas of retail and craftsmanship. The MeisterWerke staff is also confident of being able to help retailers achieve a season of strong sales and to further increase sales in their home and foreign business. Managing Director Ludger Schindler sums up: "I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to our excellent MeisterWerke team and all the additional participants who have mastered our mammoth task with such expertise. The new brand presentation and the MEISTER product ranges with their attractive innovations not only show 'rooms full of life', they will also further support our partners' sales."

In Meiste, it goes without saying that the development work for innovative MEISTER products is continuing apace. The latest new MEISTER products will also be presented to the professionals when they are ready. The next MEISTER in-house trade show is scheduled to take place in 2016.