Major Appearance for a New Product Category - MeisterWerke presents nadura™


MeisterWerke will present a completely new product category to an international audience for the first time at Domotex 2012. It is based on the wood powder technology from the Swedish company Välinge Innovation AB and will be marketed in future under the generic name "nadura™". It uses surfaces, whose wood powder is made up of a natural mix of wood fibres, pigments, corundum and melamine binders. The name "nadura™" is derived from the English word "durable", which stands for durability, strength and long life. As a result, the products with their homogeneous surface coating are up to three times thicker than standard coated flooring or panels and rule out any white gaps.

MeisterWerke will present both flooring and panels based on this technology at Domotex 2012. As neither decorative paper nor overlay is required, attractive, deeply embossed 3D surface structures are possible, which impress with how they both feel and look. "Our Nadura floors NB 400 offer a real alternative to ceramic and natural stone flooring. The flooring is as resistant to wear as tiles, at the same time impact resistant, pleasantly warm underfoot and child's play to install using the Masterclic Plus system", Volker Kettler, Head of Product Management and Development MeisterWerke explains the advantages. And Guido Schulte, Managing Director MeisterWerke, adds: "We are so convinced by the quality and durability of this floor that we have issued a "lifetime guarantee" for wear in private areas for the first time." The flooring is also classified as being slip resistant in Class R10 as a result of its surface structures and has fire protection class Bfl. The combination of beneficial product properties also makes it interesting for use in properties.The Nadura floors in tile format (853 x 395mm) are a surprising look with their effective surfaces that you usually only see in stone flooring. Modern looking and yet timeless decor, which looks elegant and reserved, perfectly complement the current minimalist living trend. The floor collection is available from January 2012 in slate look (white, grey, anthracite), concrete grey hickory and light grey and cream stropiziano. The Nadura panels NP 300 that are coming onto the market in eight different colours or surfaces were also presented for the first time. Whether sleek plain white or white slate, stropiziano versions in subtle shades or as imitation hickory in classic white or grey, the panels provide the ideal basis for contemporary interior design. NP 300 is mounted and processed similarly to standard wall panels, although the wood powder technology was adapted slightly for use on walls. The panels for use in kitchens and children's room are particularly interesting as they score with three different product features: they are extremely tough, abrasion-resistant and wipeable with a damp cloth.Available in two formats (1280 x 335 and 2600 x 335 millimetres), the sturdy panels give you the scope to be really creative, in particular in stairwells and hallways.