Regal Appearance by MEISTER Laminate flooring LD 400 in château plank format


To meet the demand for laminate flooring in classic plank format, MeisterWerke presented a brand new development at the industry show in Cologne: the LD 400 collection.

The château plank with the dimensions 2600 x 238 millimetres gives rooms an unprecedented generous look. This château look proves at large that elegance and length are not contradictory. As there is no repetition of decor on the individual planks nor on an installed area of approx. 15m². The high number of different decorative images makes this possible, if they are pre-sorted accordingly.


The elegant pore structure is a new development by MeisterWerke. It is based on the principle of special pore effect printing, where pores and hollows follow the underlying decorative image. To give the surface an even more elegant touch, with the elegant pore structure the surface is made matt and the pores are shiny, which makes laminate flooring look particularly luxurious. The longitudinal V-bevel and the end micro-bevel additionally emphasise the château planks' authentic flair.


Six surfaces are available from January 2012: white oak, light oak, natural oak, grey oak, brown oak and lyed-look oak. These planks inspire the current country house style, as they create a rustic and comfortable living feeling with their exceptional colours. And it does not matter whether the floor is being installed in a city apartment, a modern country home or in a castle


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