Premiere - Campaign in Specialist Trade Comprehensive MEISTER Marketing Package for 2012


Developing innovative products and managing them to market maturity is a discipline that MeisterWerke can do in its sleep. The company put together the so-called "Premiere Marketing Package" for the market launch of the new products so that it is not just "Action" for specialist trade after the premiere of the "Festival of Innovation" presented at BDH 2011 but the curtain also goes up for end consumers.

"Meister is a purely specialist trade focused brand. Our collegiate philosophy includes creating marketing campaigns that can be implemented immediately and very easily for retail. We want to make it easier for our customers to introduce new products to the range", says Head of Marketing Dirk Steinmeier. And as meticulously as the new products are developed and tested, as detailed the sales tools are that are to make it easier for specialist trade to understand and sell. 


Under the motto "Curtain Up for the New Stars" participating specialist retailers not only benefit from healthy discounts and a jam-packed campaign package but also from exclusive training and enthusiastic customers. In specialist trade they are not only presented with a new product but a whole "Festival of Innovations", which is available exclusively in specialist trade. Market launch discounts up to 8% for retailers and an interesting give-away promotion for end consumers guarantees happy faces on both sides of the shop counter. And the iRobot, which picks up on the topic of "Premiere", most certainly makes the purchase of innovative flooring even more attractive for the end consumer.


The specialist retailer can use the comprehensive advertising campaign resource package to inspire their customers for the new products: whether customised and high quality supplements, adverts and PR texts, attention-grabbing outdoor banners, large format roll-up banners or informative posters, the retailer can draw on an abundance of resources for advertising and shop design.


And so that the specialist timber trade really knows its stuff an innovation seminar is taking place in the MeisterWerke workshop that deals with all the innovative products' details. Over two days participants receive all the necessary tools to be able to carry out a good consultation on site. Besides product information the guests also find out how to correctly classify different types of customers and how selling using emotions works. There are ten dates to choose from in January and February 2012. 


Parallel to this campaign, the specialist retailer can use a number of sales-boosting display modules for all new products, which communicate the important customer benefits in a visually appealing way. 


The specialist retailer can still decide on whether to participate in the campaign until the middle of December. From January next year the end consumer then has the chance to view the "Festival of Innovations" at participating specialist retailers and experience exceptional product premieres.


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