Parador and MeisterWerke Cooperate


Two German flooring manufacturers want to promote the wood powder technology for surfaces developed by the Swedish company Välinge Innovation AB in future together: Parador and MeisterWerke Schulte GmbH. Both manufacturers have agreed a cooperation to develop products together with the new surface technology, which both companies are launching on the market in their own product ranges

Ludger Schindler and Volkmar Halbe

The new technology that will be marketed under the generic name "nadura™" in future, uses surfaces, whose wood powder is made up of a natural mix of wood fibres, pigments, corundum and melamine binders. The products are very resistant and have similar wear properties to ceramic tiles but are also slip and impact resistant as well as highly inflammable (flammability class Bfl-s1) and above all warm underfoot. As neither decorative paper nor overlay has to be used, deep structures are also possible, which allow for authentic decor. The homogeneous surfaces are up to three times thicker than standard coated flooring or panels and therefore rule out any white gaps. 

MeisterWerke, who has been conducting development talks since March 2010 and concluded the license agreement with Välinge in October last year, is already presenting the first Nadura floors and panels at the next wood industry show in Cologne. Parador, who has now also entered into a cooperation with the Swedish inventor of wood powder technology, is assuming that its Nadura programme will be launched onto the market in the second half-year of 2012. 

Volkmar Halbe, Chair of the Parador Management Board: "Thanks to the cooperation of two innovation drivers in the European laminate industry the new technology is receiving a creative boost that will crucially determine the market success."

Ludger Schindler, Managing Director MeisterWerke, adds: "We are absolutely delighted that Parador has also decided to invest in the technology and marketing for this innovative product category and join us in this new business area."


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